SunnyTech Solar Water Heaters

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SunnyTech introduces the new generation of solar water heaters with substantially higher heat output and efficiency in the first generation of “flat plate collectors”. By using the new “vacuum tube” technology it is possible to produce a higher amount of water with higher temperatures. The collector is designed with cylindrical tubes, which are absorbing the heat from sun radiation from every angle.


  • Less sensitive to dust and dirt
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – excellent solar heat absorption + minimal heat reflection properties
  • Maintenance Free in a Real Sense (all glass – stainless steel construction and components make these units truly maintenance free and corrosion resistant)
  • Starts producing hot water already early in the morning until the late afternoon
  • Quick return on investment (ROI) from 2-5 years


Our products are made from well-selected high quality materials. The design and the whole technology is constructed by German engineers. That is why the SunnyTech solar water heaters are really resistant against damages caused by moist or weather changes. Under the right conditions of usage the products of SunnyTech can last up to 30 years.

Cost saving

Since solar energy is free, you don’t need to worry about spending more money on your electricity bill. Already after three years you will start to return your investments.


SunnyTech solar water heater prevents you from the risks of electrical burns or gas leakages. In addition to that, all SunnyTech products are made of selected components like stainless steel and polyurethane. This means that the products have no bad influence on the human health.

Environmentally friendly

By using a SunnyTech solar water heater, you are supporting to save our environment and the future of our children. Solar energy does not emit toxic gasses or is using electricity that may increase your carbon footprints.

Types and features

Four types of SunnyTech solar water heaters are available in our store. You can choose any of them that suit your need. For more information please read the product description and contact us if you need any assistance for choosing the right system for you.

Types and features

  1. SunnyBoy (Non–pressurized System)
  2. SunnyTech Plus (Pre-Heated Pressure System with SUS Coil)
  3. SunnyTech Pro (Integrated Pressurized System)
  4. SunnyTech Smart (Split System)
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