SunnyTech Smart (Split System)

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It is named the split system since the tank and collector tubes can be installed separately. SunnyTech Smart makes it possible for the tank to be put in any desired place while the collector tubes can be mounted in a flexible manner, such as on the wall. This unit is also supplied with a controller that functions to automatically switch on/off the device.


  • A set of collector tubes, including frame for pitch and flat roof
  • German manufactured Solar Station Controller RESOL DeltaSol BS Plus, including 3 sensors, 2 relay output speed controlled and German manufactured Wilo pump St 15/6 ECO
  • 1 stainless steel tank with 1500 watt electrical backup device


  • SunnyTech Smart 200L (SC-H 25 collector tubes)
  • SunnyTech Smart 300L (SC-H 30 collector tubes)
  • SunnyTech Smart 500L (SC-H 25 collector tubes – 2 sets)


DOWNLOAD “The installation schematic”