SunnyTech Pro (Integrated Pressurized System)

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There is a pipe in each collector tube of Sunny Tech Pro that has the function of a heating device. The sealed pipe has a small amount of liquid that will turn into vapors when it is heated. The hot vapor will transfer the heat to the tip of the pipe and later to the water in the tank. The hot vapor will cool down and turn into liquid and run to the base of the heating pipe afterwards the process repeats. Since each collector tube works individually, the system is still working in case one tube is broken.


  • 1 pressurized stainless steel tank
  • Collector tubes with copper heat pipes
  • 1 electric backup device
  • 1 digital controller


  • SunnyTech Pro 150 (a 150 liter tank, 15 collector tubes)
  • SunnyTech Pro 300 (a 300 liter tank, 30 collector tubes)